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Maggie McCracken
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Tattaglia
Title(s) Florist
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Sirenetta Leoni (voice)
"I'll pay... just don't hurt me!"
Maggie McCracken[src]

Maggie McCracken was a florist from Midtown.


Owner of the Palladio Willow, she gave her tributes over to the Tattaglia family with very little hassle due to wanting to avoid the stress. They opened a boxing ring in the backroom, and Maggie soon became friends with Jimmy, a boxer who frequented the establishment.

When Aldo Trapani attempted to muscle in on the establishment, Maggie made him a deal: if he defeated Jimmy, she would pay her tributes to him. Trapani complied, and Maggie began paying up to the Corleones.

Behind the scenesEdit

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