Malo clan
In: Sicily
Founded by: Croce Malo
Years active: 1910s-1950s
Territory: Caltanissetta, Sicily
Ethnicity: Sicilian
Criminal activities: Extortion, drug trafficking, rcaketeering, black market's control, murder, political corruption, illegal gambling, loan-sharking, prostitution, fencing and bootlegging
Allies: Five Families, Tommasino, Arzana, Marcuzzi, Buccilla, Don Piddu's and Quintana clans
Rivals: Salvatore Giuliano's band

The Malo clan was founded by Croce Malo and was a clan in the old Sicilian style, quick to violent actions and avenging vendettas. However their don was a reasonable man whose connections in politics with men such as Prince Ollorto had made him very rich.

In the 1950s, their position as top Sicilian clan was taken over by the Indelicato clan.



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