Mangano Compound
Business information
Location Miami, Florida
Proprietor Samuele Mangano
Racket Boss Samuele Mangano
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Family Mangano

The Mangano Compound was a small island in Miami with a large modern and classy mansion as the main building, seperated from the mainland by sea and connected by a small bridge. Don Samuele Mangano purchased this compound soon after his arrival in Miami, gaining a foothold from where he could direct businesses.


The Mangano Compound is destroyed.

The Compound was attacked by Dominic Corleone and his men in 1959 after they had taken over all Mangano owned businesses. Mangano and his consigliere, Paulo Riccitello were killed in the Compound during the attack, as well as all of Mangano's remaining men. The Mangano Compound then became Corleone property and later Dominic's main base of operations when he was proclaimed Godfather by Don Michael Corleone after Hyman Roth's death.

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