Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Villamura, Sicily, Italy
Died 1948
Affiliation Marcuzzi clan
Title(s) Don
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Don Luciano Cappucino

Don Marcuzzi was the Mafia chieftain of the town of Villamura, Sicily. He was one of the leading Mafia bosses in Sicily in the 1940s.


Don Marcuzzi had become a legend when he executed his favorite nephew for committing an infamita, the breaking of the law of omertà, giving information to the police against a rival Mafia faction.

He was killed by Salvatore Giuliano and his band on the estate of Prince Borsa.

Personality and traitsEdit

Don Marcuzzi was known to be an ascetic and had his own chapel in his home like the old nobility. Despite this one affectation, Marcuzzi lived very simply, and was personally a poor man since he refused to profit by his power. But he enjoyed that power enormously; he was tireless in his endeavors to help his fellow Sicilians but he was also a true believer in the old ways of the Friends of the Friends.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was portrayed by Don Luciano Cappucino in the film adaptation.

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