Marcy Wavven
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Died 1996
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Poppi Monroe

Marcy Wavven was the eldest daughter of Senator Walter Wavven.


A student at Berkeley, Marcy planned to become a professor of literature. At college, she became immersed in the new music and arts scene, as well as falling in love with immigrant Theo Tatoski, to her father's disapproval (though he feigned acceptance for his career's sake, believing Marcy would grow out of it).

However, after two years Marcy found a new love that was more suited to her parents' sensibilities, and despite trying to stay friends, her relationship with Theo took a dark turn. After attending a play of his that performed disastrously, Marcy was brutally stabbed.


Walter was driven to despair by his daughter's death, abandoning his political dreams, until the Clericuzio family implicitly promised to remove Tatoski from the picture. One night, the young man was shot by Cross De Lena, and Wavven sucessfully ran for Governor.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the miniseries, she was portrayed by Poppi Monroe.

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