Maria Torres
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born Havana, Cuba
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Aimee Miles (voice)
"Hola Dominic. I'm starting to enjoy these little visits of ours."
―Maria Torres[src]

Maria Torres was a member of Fidel Castro's cabinet in Havana, Cuba.


Torres called Dominic after he killed all the Cuban dissidents, as a request by Henry Mitchell of the CIA, Torres called Dominic to go the Presidential Palace in Havana for a supposed "business meeting", with Torres being his translator for the meeting. After the failed assassination of Castro, and the appearance of Don Esteban Almeida, Maria left Castro's cabinet, fearing for her life.

After the assassinationEdit

When Dominic found Maria, she begged him to get rid of some officials, one of whom being Rodrigo Borges, who was Torres' former work partner, but was corrupt and dangerous, and wanted Torres dead, suspected her hand in the failed attack. When Maria begge Dominic to kill Borges, Dominic agreed, but asked for a favor in return, which was to place a sting against the Mangano family.

Family favoursEdit

Some time later, Maria promised Dominic a second favour if he would kill her abusive husband, which he did, earning a second sting against the Manganos. After this, she had Dominic kill her sweetheart's wife in a car accident, and the two were married after a suitable period of mourning had passed. This didn't stop the sweetheart's secretary from making a pass at him, which caused a jealous Maria to ask Dominic to beat her up.

Dominic also beat up the father of a boy who had been bullying her son at school, taking care not to kill him.

Personality and traitsEdit

Generally calm and level-headed, Maria was a smooth operator and diplomat, though she was often frustrated by the sexist behavior of other members of the Cabinet. Her tough façade was broken however, when Dominic attempted to assassinate Castro and she was suspected of treason. She was also quite ruthless, asking for several personal enemies to be murdered, but loved her son very deeply, becoming furious when she discovered his bullying.

She was also a passionate and often jealous woman, feeling strongly for her lover and willing to kill in order to keep her hands on him. Despite this, she was also known to flirt with Dominic.

Behind the scenesEdit

Maria was voiced by Aimee Miles.

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