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Business information
Location 42nd Street and 11th Avenue
Proprietor Moxie Marinelli
Proprietor Weakness Grabs and strangles
Maximum Protection $2,250
Venue Difficulty Medium
Family Tattaglia

A fish store in Hell's Kitchen, Marinelli's was owned and named after it's proprietor, Moxie Marinelli, who had been in the fish trade since the late 20s.

The business suffered a decline in the early 40s, when it was taken over by Tattaglia family, who were attempting to make a move on Hell's Kitchen. The move failed, yet Marinelli's stayed under their control, although Moxie was not trusted enough to be given a racket.

By 1949, Marinelli had become sick of the Tattaglias and was delighted when Aldo Trapani took over instead.

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