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Mario DeBellis
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1895
Died 1947
Affiliation Cuneo
Title(s) Caporegime
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Bruce Robertson (voice)
Rod Gnapp (voice, Next-gen versions)
"Let's settle it now, with a duel. I'll get my revenge, or die with honor."
―Mario DeBellis[src]

Mario DeBellis was one of the Cuneo family's caporegimes, the others being Mikey Perroni and Artie Manzanero later Ronnie Tosca and Artie Manzanero.


DeBellis death

DeBellis is thrown into the sewers

DeBellis was the Cuneos' senior Caporegime, who used his power and respect within the Cuneo family to amass a small army of associates. His respect even spread to the other families, who saw him as a charismatic man who kept everything 'strictly business'.

DeBellis was known to have a violent sense of honour in the old Sicilian tradition, and, feeling he had been slighted by the Corleone family, challenged them to a duel.

The Corleones accepted, and sent Aldo Trapani to deal with DeBellis in the Sewer Conduits under the Little Italy Loop. Trapani drew second, and, despite being wounded in the shoulder, grabbed DeBellis and threw him to the sewers below. His Cuneo bodyguards refrained from attacking Trapani, however, out of respect.

Trivia Edit

Behind the scenesEdit

  • The song that plays when entering the sewer system is called Ballata Per Un Pistolero (Ballad of a Gunman) from a film of the same name (YouTube link). That song was also used in the game Red Dead Revolver.
  • In the original version of the video game, DeBellis' execution is much more formulaic, the same as Michael Costa's in orginal edition (being run over), with the same character model being used.

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