Mario Stracci
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Sicily
Died prior to 1963
Affiliation Stracci family
Title(s) Underboss

Mario Stracci was the brother of Victor Stracci and Anthony Stracci.


A Sicilian immigrant like his brother, Mario was part of a street gang in New Jersey and one of many Italian labourers who worked in the city. In the 1920s, the Stracci brothers built up a hauling company, which became run by Mario, whilst Tony became Don of the Stracci family and took charge of the family's highway truck repair company.


He had four sons, known as the "Stracci Four", Santino, Donato, Diego and Dino, all of whom became racket bosses in the Stracci family. Mario never became involved, and so did not suceed his brother after the Five Families War.

He had passed away by 1963.

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