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Mariposa crime family
In: New York City
Founded by: Giuseppe Mariposa
Years active: 1920s-1934
Territory: Manhattan
Ethnicity: Italian, Italian-American
Criminal activities: bootlegging, illegal gambling, contract killing, bribery, fraud, murder, loan sharking, extortion, prostitution, money laundering
Allies: Tattaglia family, Chicago Outfit
Rivals: Corleone family, LaConti organization

The Mariposa crime family was one of the first Mafia families in New York City, and headed by Giuseppe Mariposa in the 1920s to the early 1930s.


Mariposa gained power and influence by uniting many of the street gangs under his banner, including Emilio Barzini, his brother Ettore, and the Rosato Brothers. During Prohibition the family became a dominant force in New York and established an alliance with the Chicago Outfit of Al Capone.

In 1934, after dismantling the LaConti organization, Mariposa declared himself capo di tutti capi during a meeting that he had set up with the other New York dons, including Vito Corleone. However, not long after this meeting a war broke out between Mariposa and Corleone. Mariposa outnumbered the Corleone family, but was eventually outgeneralized by Vito Corleone and betrayed by his own lieutenants. During a meeting with Salvatore Tessio in Brooklyn, Mariposa was murdered by Tessio and Tomasino Cinquemani.

The Barzini family was formed from the remnants of the Mariposa organization. Even though Barzini had betrayed Mariposa to Corleone, he still held a grudge against the Corleones and this would eventually lead to the Five Families War a decade later.

Mariposa family structure (1920s-1934)

 Don Giuseppe Mariposa 

 Underboss None

 Consigliere None

 Caporegime Tomasino Cinquemani

 Soldato Nicky Crea

 Soldato Jimmy Grizzeo

 Soldato Vic Piazza

 Soldato Fio Inzana

 Soldato Carmine Loviero

 Caporegime Emilio Barzini

 Soldato Ettore Barzini

 Soldato Tits

 Caporegime Frank Pentangeli

 Soldato Fausto

 Soldato Fat Larry

 Caporegime Tony Rosato

 Soldato Carmine Rosato

 Associate Philip Tattaglia

 Associate Al Capone

 Associate Frank Nitti

 Associate Bill Dwyer

 Associate Pete Murray

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