Marny McKenzie
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Stracci
Title(s) Florist
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Cynthia Marcucci (voice)
"You can't cut flowers with a broken arm!"
"Ok, ok whatever you want I'll do it!
Aldo Trapani and Marny McKenzie[src]

Marny McKenzie was a renowned florist from Hell's Kitchen.


The owner of Orchid Incorporated, Marny took pride in her green fingers, but in the Forties she was forced to hide a dark secret, that the Stracci family, led by Antony Mandonna, had set up a brothel in the backroom of her business.

However, in the late Forties, McKenzie's mind was eased slightly when the Corleones seized the brothel and ensured that, if nothing else, it was not the sleazy effort that it had been under the Straccis.

Behind the scenesEdit

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