This article is about Michelangelo Salera. You may be looking for Michelangelo Salera, his establishment.
Michelangelo Salera
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia
Title(s) Barber
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Rod Gnapp (voice)
"I'll do what you say, just don't hurt me!"
Michelangelo Salera[src]

Michelangelo Salera was a barber and owner of Michelangelo Salera's in Brooklyn.


A barber who specialised in Navy-cuts, Salera was also a friend of the Brooklyn Police Chief and the preferred barber of the Tattaglia family, who he paid a small tribute to.

In 1946, Salera turned his tributes over to Aldo Trapani following a brief, intimidating visit.

Behind the scenesEdit

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