Business information
Location 37th Street and Fourth Avenue
Proprietor Edward M. Beaux
Proprietor Weakness Threatening Innocents
Maximum Protection $3,750
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Family Barzini

Named after an affectionate nickname for the store's proprietor Edward M. Beaux, Mookie's was the most reputable tailor shop in New York City, gaining the patronage of the Barzini family in return for their protection.

Beaux fought hard to keep this shop running his way and put up a struggle when Aldo Trapani paid him a visit. After some forceful persuasion, he finally relented and gave the Barzinis cut to the Corleones.


  • Mookie's shop may be mentioned by a citizen on the streets of Hell's Kitchen and Midtown, claiming it to be the best tailor shop in New York.

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