Moxie Marinelli
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia
Title(s) Fishmonger
"Beat it before I call the cops."
Moxie Marinelli[src]

Moxie Marinelli was the owner of Marinelli's fish shop in Hell's Kitchen.


A hard working, discreet man who worked in the fish business since the early twenties, Marinelli had his business taken over by the Tattaglia family in the forties during their attempt to make a move on Hell's Kitchen, yet due to Moxie's secretive nature, he was not considered trustworthy enough to have a racket operating in his storeroom.

When the move failed, Marinelli's tribute increased leading him to become increasingly resentful towards the Tattaglias. In the early fifties, he began paying his tribute to Aldo Trapani of the Corleone family instead.

It is highly doubted that he is by any chance related to Donnie Marinelli.

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