Nalene Jessup
Biographical Information
Aliases Nalene De Lena
Gender Female
Title(s) Showgirl
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Penelope Ann Miller

Nalene Jessup, later Nalene De Lena, was the wife of Joseph De Lena and mother of Cross and Claudia.


"She's working her way through the University of Nevada... and she's not interested in men. Or women."
―Alfred Gronevelt[src]

Nalene during her days as a showgirl at the Xanadu Hotel.

A student at the University of Nevada, Nalene paid for her tuition by working as a showgirl at the Xanadu Hotel, where she became a headliner. Despite shunning the interests of any male admirers, she fell in love with Joseph De Lena when he came to visit Alfred Gronevelt and secure the Clericuzio family's share in the hotel. Soon after, the two were married, to the disapproval of De Lena's uncle, Don Clericuzio, who felt this was a hurried marriage. Despite this, the Don gave the two an expensive wedding present, an enormous home in Las Vegas.

Family lifeEdit


Pippi and Nalene.

The two soon had two children, Croccifixio and Claudia, and for eleven years, the four were a perfect family, despite Nalene's increasing concern over her husband's career. However, Nalene grew increasingly concerned by Pippi's attitude when raising their children, particularly when he struck Cross for hitting his sister. It was not until Pippi was tried for the shooting of Danny Fuberta that things came to a head, and Nalene demanded a separation, with her taking Claudia and Cross staying with his father.

Later lifeEdit

"You can't make me love you again."
―Nalene De Lena[src]

Nalene remained with Claudia in Sacramento, becoming an assistant principal until Claudia finished college and moved to Los Angeles in order to try her hand at the film business. Five years later, Nalene was diagnosed with cancer and passed away.

Behind the scenesEdit

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