Nicanor Borromeo
Nicanor Borromeo
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1902
Died 31 December 1958
Cuba, Havana
Affiliation Granados
Title(s) Consigliere
Nicanor Borromeo is consigliere of Granados crime family.

Biography Edit

Nothing much known about Nicanor Borromeo. He was born in 1902 he was the childhood friend of Rico Granados and Stanley Jimenez. Nicanor and Gerardo Granados were murdered by rebels in 31 December 1958 during escape from Havana city, the capital city of Cuba.

Behind The Scenes Edit

  • his portrait apperared in The Trailer of Video Game of The Godfather 2.
  • Nicanor is one of four characters aren't apperared on family tree in The Godfather 2 Video Game. others being Hector Santos, Gerardo Granados and Moose Mangano.

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