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Nicky Corleone
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Corleone, Sicily, Italy
Affiliation Corleone family
Title(s) Restaurant owner

Nicky Corleone was a distant relative from Vito Corleone and the owner of The Albatross Grill.


Born in Corleone, Sicily, Nicky was a distant cousin of Vito Corleone and moved to America years after Vito's establishment. Helped by his cousin, Nicky set himself up in Hell's Kitchen and built a famous restaurant called the Albatross Grill. He always had a knowing smile for a Corleone and particularly Peter Clemenza, who was very partial to the cannoli at the restaurant.


  • Despite being of the Corleone bloodline, he is treated as a normal proprietor.
  • If attacked, he cowers rather than fighting back.
  • He shares almost the same character model as Louis Bocchicchio, only that Nicky's hair are blonde while Louis's are black. Plus they are both restaurant owners.

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