Nina Loggia
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Stracci (ties)
Title(s) Madame
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Anni Long (voice)
"You sure know how to treat a lady."
―Nina Loggia[src]

Nina Loggia was a madame with ties to the Stracci crime family.


A former model and owner of the brothel fronted by Orchid Incorporated, Nina had no real loyalty to the Stracci family who she worked for and was easily bought out by the Corleone family during their move on Midtown. Nina attempted to move into a more tasteful line of work, converting the back room into a massage parlour.

In 1955, Moe Greene visited New York in order to smooth over several business deals. He visited Orchid Incorporated for a massage, whereupon Nina immediately contacted Peter Clemenza, who sent Aldo Trapani to eliminate Greene.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • She was voiced by Anni Long.
  • She's named after Electronic Arts Producer Nina Dobner.
  • In the original version of the game she had blonde hair, in the next-gen versions it was brown.

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