Luca whacked
Norman Bacchiocchi
Biographical Information
Born ca. 1944
Died May, 1979
First The Godfather
Portrayed Luca's assassin

Norman Bacchiocchi portrayed Luca's assassin in The Godfather. After his moment of silver screen fame, Bacchiocchi returned to Connecticut where he tried to get in with real mobsters. He became a gambler and suspected drug dealer who ran junkets to Las Vegas.[1]

In 1979, Bacchiocchi, a former Derby High School football player, got into a dispute with low-level Mob associates. In addition, he was believed to have significant gambling debts. Bacchiocchi, 35, went to a property in Hamden with three reputed Mob associates. There, two of them pulled out guns and shot him to death. Both shooters later plead guilty to murder conspiracy in the killing.[1]

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