Norm Felichelli
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Stracci family
Corleone family
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Callum Grant (voice)
"Shall I look for you in the obituaries? Pay!"
"I'll murder ya!
Aldo Trapani and Norm Felichelli[src]

Norm Felichelli was the owner of Grand News.


A small time businessman who became known for owning the smallest business in New York, he was seen as an easy target by the Stracci family when they sought to make moves on Little Italy.

During a brawl in 1945, the Straccis engaged in a shootout with the Corleones, who took over Grand News in order to keep a better eye on the Corleone owned Grand Apartments across the street. The change meant very little to Felichelli who simply transferred his protection money from the Straccis to Aldo Trapani.

Behind the scenesEdit

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