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Now It's Personal
Godfather nowitspersonal 01
Date: 1948
Place: New York
Outcome: Tattaglia Victory
  • Death of Frankie Malone

Corleone family

Tattaglia family


Aldo Trapani

  • Several bodyguards

Now It's Personal, was a strike led by Bruno Tattaglia against the Corleone family.


In 1948 following revenge for Trapani's crippling of the family, and the previous murder of Virgil Sollozzo by the absent Michael Corleone. Bruno Tattaglia ordered his and his girlfriend Frankie's murders in the Chateau Leive.

Chateau Leive ambush and Tattaglia pursuitEdit

Frankie Malone, Aldo's girlfriend, called Aldo to celebrate his promotion to soldier. Shortly after the celebration began, Tattaglia's hoods, led by a Capo attacked the hotel, kidnapping Frances and firing on Trapani, who fought them off and interrogated the capo, learning that Frankie was to be taken to St. Michael Archangel's church in Brooklyn. He then killed the capo and called for Frankie's brother Monk, and they drove off to Brooklyn, pursued by the Tattaglias.

At the ChurchEdit

When they finally arrived at the Church, the two men entered through the rear and fought their way through the mausoleum and into the main area, where they found Frankie, who, despite their best efforts, had been murdered by Bruno Tattaglia.


Trapani and Sonny Corleone took revenge for this act shortly afterwards by throwing Tattaglia into the cremation oven at Tito Morelli's.

Behind the scenesEdit

This event is only seen in video game.

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