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NYPD Police Corporal
Biographical Information
Aliases Ollie
Gender Male
Born 1910
Died 1948
Title(s) Police corporal
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Joe Paulino (voice)

This man was a police corporal in the New York Police Department and also known as Ollie.


A favourite of Captain Mark McCluskey and Ollie was working for Sergant Joe Galtosino, he was McCluskey's first choice in the plot against Vito Corleone at the hospital and let no one near Vito's room until McCluskey called and told him he and Ollie told his younger brother Stanley to leave the hospital unguarded as Tattaglia assassins were being sent to kill Vito Corleone.

After the failed attempt to kill Vito Corleone at the hospital Paulie Gatto alerted Joe Galtosino to a party at the Corleone's favorite spot Rosa's.Sergant Joe Galtosino and Corporal Ollie crashed the party and took Rosa for "questioning" he was listening question of Aldo Trapani, Marty Malone, Paulie Gatto and Sonny Corleone he infiltirated rest of party as spy but his dress is not police dress his dress is normal civilian dress two years later Ollie and Christopher Ferriera and Stanley are beating criminal and Aldo shot Ollie's head from Ollie's back.

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