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Order to Kill
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: 1950
Place: New York City
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

Cuneo family


12 Barzini bodyguards
12 Cuneo bodyguards




After the death of Sonny Corleone, Vito Corleone and the heads of the Five Families formed a ceasefire but Barzini and the other familes kept chipping away at the Corleone business and rackets, Michael Corleone was back from Sicily and acting head of the family with his father Vito as acting consigleire and he appointed Rocco Lampone and Aldo Trapani as his caporegimes to bulid secret regimes to be used in a emergency.

The set-upEdit

Aldo was informed by Michael that Marty Malone was waiting near the Bowery Hotel to go and speak to the FBI but when Aldo got there Monk said there was a snitch in there ratting out the Corleones to the FBI, so the two men stormed the hotel and found 11 Barzini enforcer and Barzini Capo guarding the rat after eliminating all the Barzini enforcers and Barzini Capo is here Aldo and Monk found the rat and Monk shot him in the chest three times.

The revealEdit

Following Domenico Cooper's death, Jimmy DeNunzio turned up and said he was there to help out. This only served to make Monk angry and he stormed out. DeNunzio received a call from Michael, who informed Aldo that the whole thing was a set-up to smoke out the "rat". He then ordered Trapani to kill his friend after Aldo exited hotel and going Va Va Voom Room later Jimmy DeNunzio.

Va Va Voom RoomEdit

Aldo tracked Monk to the Va Va Voom Room and after a last conversation Monk disappeared into the bar and 12 Cuneo enforcer(who had been working with Monk) attacked Aldo, after aldo eliminated the Cuneos he then executed his old friend Monk on the stage.

Trivia Edit

It is possible that you will end up having a mob war with both the Barzini and Cuneo after this mission. There are 2 options to avoid this, either let Monk do the killing blow to the Barzinis and later defeat all Cuneos with hand-to-hand combat to minimize vendetta or raise your street smart level.

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