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Palermo Warehouse
Business information
Location 43rd Street and Second Avenue
Racket Boss Simon Finch
Racket Boss Weakness Using Punches
Maximum Extortion $24,995
Venue Difficulty Very Hard
Racket Difficulty Very Hard
Family Barzini,Corleone

In 1945 Simon Finch is forced to pay money to the Corleones.The Palermo Warehouse was the Barzini's diamond warehouse, where illegal goods were shipped around after passing through the Barzini Hub in Midtown. Ruled over by Simon Finch, it was heavily guarded and hidden to the east of New York, away from the prying eyes of the police.

The warehouse began to lose trade in 1945, as well as to come under attack from the police following the death of Pietro Testa and the Midtown Police Chief, which was pinned on the Barzinis. Finch eventually knuckled under pressure from the Corleone family, who forced him out and eliminated the Barzinis.