Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Montelepre, Sicily, Italy
Affiliation Salvatore Giuliano's band
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Andreas Katsulas

Passatempo was a member of Salvatore Giuliano's band.


A dangerous individual even as a youth, he killed the uncle who gave him his first donkey and turned to banditry along with his companion Terranova. The two were eventually captured and held in Bellampo barracks, where they were rescued by Salvatore Giuliano and his "cousin" Gaspare Pisciotta, later joining their band.

Personality and traitsEdit

"I could never control Passatempo, but you have him eating out of your hand."
Masino Croce[src]
  • A quiet individual, Passatempo preferred to let his fists do the talking. Unlike Terranova, he was somewhat lacking in principles, valuing money over all else.

Behind the scenesEdit

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