Patrick O'Donnell
Biographical Information
Aliases Paddy
Gender Male
Born ca. 1890
Chicago, Illinois
Died 1948
New York City, New York
Affiliation Chicago Outfit (formerly)
O'Donnell Mob
Title(s) Overboss
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Chris Robson (voice)
"You Sicilian pricks are all the same, all talk no balls!"
―Patrick O'Donnell[src]

Patrick "Paddy" O'Donnell was the overboss of O'Donnell Mob and formerly one of enforcers of Chicago Outfit in 1910 to 1919.


Patrick O'Donnell came over to New York in 1948, and was determined to achieve a foothold for his mob. He was infamous for killing cops, therefore upon his arrival, Police sergeant Chris Ferriera, a crooked cop, was keen to have him eliminated, and to that end sought out Corleone soldato Aldo Trapani, who had just executed Bruno Tattaglia at the Tito Morelli's funeral parlor, and had him throw O'Donnell from his penthouse window at the Crest View Hotel.


"Take one last look Patrick, the view is to die for."
―Aldo Trapani[src]

Trapani inspects his handiwork.

After a fight across the rooftops, Aldo got to the penthouse where he was attacked by a hooker with a shotgun who was O'Donnell's associate. He killed the hooker, grabbed O'Donnell and threw him off the balcony and O'Donnell's corpse landed on a car below, Many witnesses suspected he had been depressed or had slipped, and all others were paid off to accept this story, including the newspapers.


Upon Patrick's death, Aldo gained ownership of his penthouse suite and the dancing girls O'Donnell had been entertaining. However, his arrival in New York had only been the beginning, and soon after the Scaleri brothers, recently freed from jail, made an appearance, having to be put down by Trapani in car accident.

Personality and traits

A power-hungry, but ruthlessly effective leader, O'Donnell had a particular dislike for the police, which was to prove to be his downfall, as well as a weakness for hookers. He despised the Sicilian gangsters and aimed to make New York an Irish run city.

Hit detail

As he is a hit target and a Don, Patrick is indeed a tough opponent to fight against. His men are even able to fend off the Barzinis, who are known to be the most powerful rival family. During his hit, however the scuffle between the O'Donnell and the Barzini can be used to your advantage as they are hitting each other, you can let them reduce each others' number before moving into the attack. For Patrick, his female guards are quite vicious and Patrick himself is as strong as Emilio Barzini, Sr. However, the bonus condition makes things far more simple, as once you throw him off the roof he will die instantly, saving you from trouble and wasting ammo.

Behind the scenes

  • He is voiced by Chris Robson.
  • It is unknown what organisation O'Donnell represented, whether he was part of the former Capone mob but later he is the founder and orginal leader of his own seperate branch of family; some of his dialogue suggests he belonged to the Irish Mob. The crest that represents his organisation is a purple "P". This purple reffering his own name Patrick.
  • He is the only Don who became Aldo Trapani's hit target that is not killed within the "Baptism by Fire".
  • Developers was writing 'Patrick ''Paddy'' O'Donnell is the Underboss of Unknown Chicago crime syndicate' on his hit information but Chris Ferriera says he is Crime Boss (Don) from Chicago. Developers make mistake on hit information. This is their first mistake on O'Donnell.
  • Patrick has four rank bars above his health. Normally he have five rank bars but developers make mistake on this. This is their second mistake on O' Donnell.
  • Patrick O'Donnell name was writing on his health bar but normally his name is Don O'Donnell. Developers make mistake again. This is their third and last mistake. Developers are lazy at making editions.