Paul VI
Giovanni Montini
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born September 26, 1897
Concesio, Italy
Died 1980[1]
Castel Gandolfo, Italy
Affiliation Holy See
Title(s) Pope

Pope Paul VI (born Giovanni Montini) was the Pope who preceded Cardinal Lamberto as pontiff.


In 1979, Paul VI gives to Michael Corleone the holy Order of St. Sebastian.

Despite being fully aware of the corruption in the Vatican Bank, he took no action against it. Reasons could have been that considered the matter to be of low rank in his papal responsibilities, or that his health was failing, limiting his stamina in the papacy.

His ill health allowed Frederick Keinszig and Archbishop Gilday to continue their double-dealings with Michael Corleone. When he died, he was succeeded as pope by John Paul I.

Behind the scenesEdit

He is based on the actual Giovanni Montini, the pope preceding John Paul I. The film shows Pope Paul VI dying in 1980, where in actuality he passed away in 1978, also known as the "Year of the Three Popes".

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