Pedro Ilievarra
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Title(s) Private investigator
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Ed Martin
"I got connections that could save your ass or put it behind bars."
―Pedro Ilievarra[src]

Pedro Ilievarra was a private investigator active in Miami, Florida.


In 1959, he requested that Dominic do a favour for him - namely, steal some important documents from the safe at Miami International Airport. In return, he promised to call off the police if Dominic required it, and continued to offer more assistance in return for favours.

Dominic managed to steal the documents, and Ilievarra gladly held up his end of the deal.

Personality and traitsEdit

Chatty and irreverent, Ilievarra was happy to help provided he got something in return, but easily angered, especially at being called a "private dick".

Behind the scenesEdit

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