Pepe Socarras
Biographical Information
Gender Male
"Our agreement's still good, you'll get your money."
―Pepe Socarras[src]

Pepe Socarras was the manager of the Casino Imperial in Havana.


Socarras took advantage of the corrupt nature of Fulgencio Batista's regime to prosper, but when Fidel Castro took over he had to make a deal with Samuele Mangano to prevent his casino being taken over by the Government.

In 1959, the Casino was raided by Dominic and Socarras, not wanting trouble, paid his tributes to him instead.

Dodgy businessEdit

Later that year, Socarras stole a business plan from Juan-Pablo Del Monte, a Cuban politician. Furious, Del-Monte had Dominic Corleone smash up the Casino Imperial until Socarras promised not to put his plan into action.

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