Polly Pagliacci
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Barzini
Title(s) Madame
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Deborah Ben-Eliezer (voice)
"Working with the Corleones is a bargain at any price."
Polly Pagliacci[src]

Polly Pagliacci was the owner of Madame Polly's in Midtown.


A famous madame, Polly opened a glamorous nightclub in Midtown with the financial aid of the Barzini family, with Candice DeNunzio running a high class brothel on the upper floor. Polly managed to avoid getting too involved with the dirtier side of business until shortly after the Five Families War, when she was forced to begin paying tribute the Corleone family.

Behind the scenesEdit

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