Poppy McKenna
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Affiliation Tattaglia
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Amanda Moody (voice)
"This friendship is worth every penny."
―Poppy McKenna[src]

Poppy McKenna was the owner of Poppy's nightclub.


Owner of one of the few reputable nightspots in Hell's Kitchen, Poppy was forced to initiate business with the Tattaglia family when Moose Mangano began to make moves on the neighborhood. Rather than kick up a fuss, Poppy simply bided her time.

In the later stages of the Five Families War, the Tattaglias tentative foothold in Hell's Kitchen began to slip away and Poppy was given a new partner, the far more reasonable Aldo Trapani.

Behind the scenesEdit

She is voiced by Amanda Moody.


  • It is notable that, along with Monte Malparidiso, Poppy is one of the few business owners who will aggresively fight back against the player when they try to extort her, making her much harder to extort.
  • Amusingly, if the player threatens her with a gun, she may pull out a baseball bat out of her dress, which is strange as she wears a rather small dress. This is because most characters who are aggressive wear jackets where this animation looks normal.

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