Business information
Location Allen Street and Eldridge Street
Proprietor Alberto Cuneo, Jr.
Proprietor Weakness Throws, slams and leans
Maximum Protection $1,500
Racket Boss Bobbie Cappalinni
Racket Boss Weakness Throws, slams and leans
Maximum Extortion $2,000
Venue Difficulty Easy
Racket Difficulty Easy
Family Cuneo

Primola was a grocery store on the East Side of New York, located in Little Italy. It was formed by the Cuneo family in an attempt to infiltrate Little Italy during the Corleone family's time of weakness, when they were being harassed by the Tattaglia family in the mid 1930s. The registered owner of the grocery store was Alberto Cuneo, Jr., Carmine Cuneo's second cousin, and the racket boss was Bobbie Cappalinni. However, during this time, the Cuneos made peace with the Corleones, and they forgot about Primola, which continued to give out a small percentage every week.

In 1945, Aldo Trapani, a young outsider under the tutelage of Luca Brasi, took over Primola for his own family. There were no reprisals due to the business' isolated nature.

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