Previous: None
Next: The Alley
Campaign: Pacification of New York
Date: 1936
Place: Little Italy
Outcome: Barzini victory
  • Two Corleone Enforcer †
  • Four Corleone Bodyguard †



The Prologue is the first mission in The Godfather: The Game.


In 1936, life in New York City was fairly peaceful following the end of the Pacification of New York. One morning Little Italy, baker and Soldato Johnny Trapani gives his weekly cut to Corleone caporegime Peter Clemenza before meeting his wife Serafina at the family bakery and two Corleone enforcer and four Corleone bodyguard was going inside of Trapani's Bakery from back door. Suddenly, the bakery exploded and Trapani rushed to investigate and two Corleone enforcer and Four Corleone bodyguard are dead, fearful that his young son Aldo, had been playing nearby seconds before.

Johnny was set upon by four Barzini associates, who he managed to beat down with a lump of wood and he and other three Barzini enforcers dead, but it was in vain, as he was met by Don Emilio Barzini himself, and Emilio Barzini ordered Pietro Testa and Barzini Capo gun Trapani down and they are downed.


This event was witnessed by a devastated Aldo, who was comforted by Vito Corleone. Vito told him to save his anger, and that one day, when he was old enough, he could take his revenge.

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