Quintana clan
Territory: Montelepre, Corleone
Ethnicity: Sicilian
Criminal activities: Drug trafficking, racketeering, money laundering, extortion, murder
Allies: Malo clan, Siano clan, Arzana clan, Don Piddu's clan, Marcuzzi clan, Buccilla clan
Rivals: Tommasino clan

The Quintana clan was headed by Guido Quintana and originally based in Montelepre. However, Quintana was unable to compete with Salvatore Giuliano for influence in that area, instead gaining influence in Corleone. This led to his rivalry with Don Tommasino, head of the Tommasino clan. Rather than negotiate, the Quintana clan was a brutal organisation that generally eliminated its competitors.

The clan was crippled after Don Quintana was killed by Salvatore Giuliano and subsequently lost its influence in Corleone. However, when Giuliano was later killed the clan resumed control in Montelepre.

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