Ralph Peduto
Ralph Peduto
Biographical Information
Born March 9, 1942
Died May 13, 2014
First The Godfather: The Game
Last The Godfather II
Portrayed Jaggy Jovino (voice)
Pentangeli's brother (voice)

Ralph Peduto was an actor and voice performer.


An actor whose career largely consists of television appearances, Ralph Peduto worked with such names as Robin Williams and Francis Ford Coppola as well as providing a voice role as Jimmy DeNunzio in The Godfather: The Game and Vincenzo Pentangeli in the sequel as well as numerous additional characters.

He also had a prestigious acting course where he had tought a number of successful young actors.

Characters voiced by Ralph PedutoEdit

The Godfather: The GameEdit

The Godfather II (video game)Edit


On his website filmography, Ralph Peduto is credited for playing Jimmy DeNunzio in both the original game and the sequel, though this could be a mistake or some of his material was cut from the finished product.

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