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Ray Fogliano
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1923
Affiliation Trapani Family
"When i was a kid i wanted to be a fireman, but you save somebodys house and it's still burn to shit; hey what's the fun in that? I say burn the fucker down."
―Ray Fogliano[src]

Ray Fogliano was a soldato in Trapani crime family. and the eldest of The Fogliano Cousins.


Once desiring to be a fireman until realising he much preferred to start fires. He was sent to Miami during the Trapani - Granados War just east of corrupt official Joey Katz, on the roof of the next building. He was an arsonist and demolitions specialist with an expert weapon license. he was eldest cousin of David Fogliano and Franklin Fogliano. Ray is a kiss-up who used to run errands for his neighbourhood Don when he was a child, he grew up developing a deep loyalty and respect for the Mob.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was voiced by Joe Hanna.

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