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Rescue of Steven Ciccoricco
Rescue of Steven Ciccoricco
Campaign: Trapani - Granados War
Date: 1959
Place: Miami, Florida
Outcome: Trapani victory

Trapani crime family

Granados crime family



Rico Granados


1-5 Trapani family member(s)

5 guards




The Rescue of Steven Ciccoricco was a major event during the Trapani - Granados War between the Trapani and Granados crime families.


After the Cuban Revolution, several angry Granados, who had lost a great deal of business in their deals, began to attack the Roth syndicate. Hyman Roth sent Steven Ciccoricco to infiltrate the Granados, but he was discovered, being held as hostage so Roth could not act against the Granados gang.

Desperate, the Jewish crime boss called in Dominic for aid. Corleone freed Ciccoricco, who was about to be executed, and killed his captors.


This action provoked a war between the Trapanis and the Granados, and ended the war between the Granados and the Roth syndicate, because at this point, Roth retreated from the war to let Dominic take care of things.

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