Ricky Donnelly
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born early 1890s[1]
Died 1934[1]
Affiliation Irish gang

Ricky Donnelly was a member of the Irish gang that operated in the 1930s.


Elder brother of Billy Donnelly, Donnelly had been a hood since his teenage years, operating alongside Corr Gibson, who he had a uneasy friendship with.

In 1934, he agreed to stand by Donnie O'Rourke against Luca Brasi and the Corleones, and became involved in an assassination attempt against Vito Corleone. Following the shoot out Ricky and Billy fled and chased by JoJo DiGiorgio, Vinnie Vaccarelli and Paulie Attardi. The pair hid in a slaughter house where they where expecting to make their last stand. Rick Donnelly watches his brother be thrown from the catwalk before being shot to death by Luca Brasi.

Notes and referencesEdit

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