Rico Tattaglia
Biographical Information
Aliases Unknown
Gender Male
Died 1962[1]
Affiliation Tattaglia family
Title(s) Don

Rico Tattaglia was the Don of the Tattaglia family following the death of his elder brother Philip Tattaglia in 1955.


The younger brother of Philip, Rico came out of retirement in Miami to take his brother's place as Don. He was known to have ties to the Rosato Brothers.

Decline of the familyEdit

Rico was known to have little to no business sense, and his warehouses were prone to raids and takeovers by rival gangs. He died of natural causes in 1962 and was succeeded by his consigliere, Osvaldo Altobello. The family thrived under Altobello, who was a successful businessman and a peacemaker to the other families.

Personality and traitsEdit

Something of a hedonist like his brother, but a lot more keen for peace and relaxation, Rico had no real sense of business. However, he had the good sense to see his actions were damaging the family, and stepped down in 1961.

Notes and referencesEdit

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