Robert Rizzo
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Trapani (ties)
Title(s) Lieutenant Governor
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Tim Talbot (voice)
"Hey there son, Governor Rizzo. Hope you'll vote for me in November."
―Robert Rizzo[src]

Robert Rizzo was a politician and the Lieutenant Governor of Florida.

Biography Edit

Rizzo was the Lieutenant Governor for many years, but as he grew older, his popularity began to wane. In 1959, he tried again to run for Governor, but he needed the help of a mobster, Dominic Corleone. He hired Dominic to beat up his competitor, who was gaining more votes than him due to his good looks. He figured that if he uglied his face up with a few punches, he would be able to win the elections. Dominic, expecting a return of favor, told him to make sure that the police did not intervene if his men were in the hospital, getting them out early. Dominic accepted the beatdown favor and smashed the rival's nose, and Rizzo returned the favor.

During the Miami conflict, Rizzo continued to scratch Dominic's back in return for more favors, letting him and his men get back to business faster. He eventually became state governor.

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