Roberto Nelenza
Biographical Information
Aliases Thunder Bob
Gender Male
Affiliation Corleone family
Title(s) Soldato
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Joe Della Sorte

Roberto "Thunder Bob" Nelenza was one of Michael Corleone's bodyguards and soldati in Nevada. He was under caporegime Rocco Lampone.



Roberto Nelenza at Lake Tahoe.

Nelenza was supposedly part of Rocco Lampone's secret regime in New York, and was one of the men who went with Michael Corleone to Nevada. Nelenza was present at Anthony Corleone's communion party at Lake Tahoe in 1958, supervising security of the compound. He was involved in gambling, shylocking, labor racketeering an extortion and was listed on the Corleone family chart at the senate hearings in 1959.

Behind the scenesEdit

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