Roberto Pitzini
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Affiliation Tattaglia (ties)
Title(s) Bar Owner
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Serge Houde (voice)
Ralph Peduto (voice) (Next-Gen)
"There's some drunk Tattaglia goombahs letting off fireworks in my back alley. Do something about it before they burn the whole place down."
Roberto Pitzini[src]

Roberto Pitzini was the official owner of The Luna Bar in Midtown.


A friend of Bruno Tattaglia, who managed the club from behind the scenes, Pitzini was used as a decoy manager to prevent police raids. For the most part he stayed loyal to the Tattaglias, but following Bruno's death, the low-level enforcers were no longer kept in check and Pitzini complained to the visiting Aldo Trapani about men letting off fireworks at the back of his bar. Trapani removed the men, and a gracious Pitzini transferred secret ownership of the bar to the Corleones.

Behind the scenesEdit

He was voiced by Serge Houde and by Ralph Peduto in the Next-Gen versions.

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