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Rodolfo Tattaglia
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born 1914
Died 1941
Affiliation Tattaglia
Title(s) Associate

Rodolfo Tattaglia was Philip Tattaglia's nephew and the owner of the mysterious "Holden" businesses in New York. His father was Carmine Tattaglia.


A mysterious character, Rodolfo was known to stay out of the limelight and direct actions from afar. He owned Holden Holdings in Hell's Kitchen, but after both he and the manager Jay Wade married Cuneos, their commitment to business waned, and they allowed the Cuneos to operate part of their racket inside and later he and Jay Wade have got a Children from Cuneos but he was murdered by Oscar Zavarelle in Hotel Alioto.

It is presumed that he died before 1961, or otherwise had no wish to operate the Tattaglia family, as it was transferred to consigliere Osvaldo Altobello.

Behind the scenesEdit

Rodolfo is only mentioned in The Godfather: The Game strategy guide.

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