Business information
Location East Houston Street
Proprietor Rosa Morelli
Lorina Morelli
Maximum Protection $500
Racket Boss Carl Satori
Racket Boss Weakness Hand-to-hand strikes
Family Corleone

Rosa's was a small flower shop in Little Italy, run by Lorina Morelli. At least, that was what it appeared to be.

In reality, Rosa's was high-class prostitiution racket, run by famous madame Rosa Morelli and 'procurement' specialist, Carl Satori. It was favoured by low-level Corleone enforcers, as Don Corleone is known to be particularly straitlaced about matters of sex.

On New Year's Eve, 1945, Rosa was hosting a party that was suddenly interrupted by police Police sergeant Joe Galtosino and his men, who kidnapped and Rosa and took her off for interrogation at the nearby Sicilian Imports Inc., run by Dario Stracci.

Rosa survived thanks to Aldo Trapani, but was later placed in peril again by the actions of turncoat Jaggy Jovino, who held her hostage. Trapani intervened once more, and business had been running smoothly ever since.

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