Rosa Scarletti
Biographical Information
Gender Female
Born 1921
Affiliation Corleone
Title(s) Associate
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Lorri Holt (voice)
"It wasn't easy knowing... but she's an addict, bad for business. It's better this way."
―Rosa Scarletti[src]

Rosa Scarletti was a madame loyal to the Corleones and was the head of an international prostitution ring. She is not to be confused with Rosa Morelli, who was also a madame and associate to the Corleones, working closely with Fredo Corleone.


A leading madame who often worked at La Maison Rouge, Rosa was called upon by the Corleone family for her help in blackmailing Senator Pat Geary of Nevada. Rosa provided, with some resignation, a young junkie prostitute named June Gardner, who would spend the night with Geary before being murdered by Al Neri. In return for this favour, Rosa asked that Dominic Corleone seize some evidence that had been taken from her and placed in a safe in the Federal Building in New York City.

Personality and traitsEdit

Despite her line of business, Rosa cared deeply for the hookers in her care, and was greatly upset when she had to provide one to be slaughtered in order to blackmail Senator Geary. But she reasoned that the girl was an addict, and that it was better this way.

Behind the scenesEdit

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