Rosato crime family
In: Florida (Tony Rosato's family)
New York (Carmine Rosato's family)
Founded by: Tony Rosato
Carmine Rosato
Years active: 1958-1959
Territory: Miami (Tony Rosato's family)
Brooklyn (Carmine Rosato's family)
Ethnicity: Italian, Italian-American, Irish, Irish-American
Criminal activities: racketeering, extortion, contract killing, illegal gambling, murder, gunrunning, hijacking, fencing, prostitution, money laundering, drug trafficking, loan sharking
Rivals: Trapani, Corleone, Roth, Granados, Mangano crrime families

The Rosato crime family was formed by Tony Rosato and Carmine Rosato after Frank Pentangeli refused to grant them territories they claimed were owed to them by Peter Clemenza. They were backed by Hyman Roth in Miami.

The family was split into two factions, Tony Rosato's family and Carmine Rosato's family. Tony took over several construction and a drug and a gambling rackets and three fronts in Florida while Carmine seized several prostitution, and a drug rackets and three fronts in New York.
Trosato headshot

Tony Rosato

Crosato headshot

Carmine Rosato

Behind the scenesEdit

The Rosato family only appears in the video game. In The Godfather Part II they form a rogue faction rather than having their own family.

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