Ross 'Scottie' Harris
Biographical Information
Gender Male
Born Scotland, UK
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Callum Grant
"Fine, you got yourself a deal, just tell the Don to lay off will you?"
―Ross Harris[src]

Ross 'Scottie' Harris was the owner of Flowers of Scotland in Midtown.


An immigrant from Scotland, Scottie was a gruff and no-nonsense individual who paid his tributes to the Corleone family until their decline in the mid-forties, when Stracci hoodlum Tino Bondsagna took over the backroom of his shop and seized control of the independent brothel housed there.

In the Fifties, Harris was brought back under the thumb of the Corleones.

Behind the scenesEdit

Scottie is one of the few shopkeepers to have a unique model (based on the street grocer that gives the oranges to Don Corleone in the film), sharing it only with some pedestrians in the original game, a drug peddler in a later version of the game and with the street grocer on "The Don is Dead". He is voiced by Callum Grant.

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