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Royal Flush
Conflict: Five Families War
Date: 1955
Place: The Peak
Orchid Inc.
Outcome: Corleone victory

Corleone family

Moe Greene's bodyguards †


Numerous bodyguards †


Several Corleone bodyguards


As Michael Corleone sought to move his businesses to Las Vegas, he aimed to buy out Moe Greene, the family associate who managed an enormous amount of business over there, as well as being a close friend of Fredo Corleone. However, Greene refused, and Michael sought other means of taking control of Vegas.

The PeakEdit

At a family get together at The Peak in Midtown, Michael informed Aldo Trapani of his plan to eliminate Greene. They learnt of a secret casino beneath the hotel, run by Greene, which Michael isntructed Trapani to rob in order to fund the move to Vegas.

Trapani learnt the password – Redwood – from a concierge and made his way to the basement, before engaging in a shootout with the guards, seizing the loot and hightailing it back to Lucy Mancini's apartment, pursued by dozens of police.

The assassinationEdit

Once at the safehosue, Peter Clemenza informed Trapani of the new plan; Greene was getting a massage at Orchid Inc. in Midtown, and this is where he must be eliminated. Trapani drove to the venue and put a bullet through Greene's eye, before heading to Corcoran's Perch to confirm a successful mission.

Behind the scenesEdit

This mission does not appear in the original version of The Godfather: The Game. Whilst it is feasible that it occurred in the film universe, there it seems more likely that Greene was murdered in Vegas, not New York.

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