Saint Martin Hotel
Business information
Location Broome Street and Broadway
Proprietor Birdie Nightingale
Proprietor Weakness Killing Innocents
Maximum Protection $1,495
Racket Boss Rocky Della Barca
Racket Boss Weakness Using Punches
Maximum Extortion $2,995
Venue Difficulty Easy
Racket Difficulty Medium
Family Tattaglia,Corleone

In 1945 Birdie Nightingale and Rocky Della Barca is forced to pay money to the Corleones.Saint Martin Hotel was a hotel on Broadway, owned by Birdie Nightingale. It was also known as a major location in the Tattaglia's gambling rackets, run by Rocky Della Barca.

The hotel gained notoriety in 1948, as it saw the execution of Tattaglia consigliere Freddie Nobile, who had been visiting his mistress, a maid named Maria. However, in the 1945s, the hotel came under the Corleone family's management.