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Sandra Corleone
Biographical Information
Aliases Sandranella Colombo
Gender Female
Born 1917[1]
Messina, Sicily, Italy
Affiliation Corleone family
Behind the scenes
Portrayed by Julie Gregg

Sandra Corleone (neé Colombo) was the wife of Sonny Corleone.


Sandra was born in Messina, Sicily, and was raised in The Bronx by her grandmother Anita. She married Sonny in 1935 after a long period of courtship chaperoned by her grandmother. Sandra was the mother of his four children, Francesca, Kathryn, Frank and Santino Jr. She was known to be well aware of her husband's womanizing, but took it in her stride.

She lived on the Corleone family Compound with her family until Sonny's death, when she and her family moved to Florida, having been financially assisted by the family.

Life after SonnyEdit


Sandra at Lake Tahoe.

Sandra became closely involved with Stan Jablonsky, a liquor salesman, but they never married. At this time she also became close to her sister-in-law Theresa Hagen, who provided her with companionship after her daughters left to live on campus.

Sandra was present at Anthony Corleone's first communion, where she advised Francesca to seek Michael's blessing before marrying Gardner Shaw.

She was also present at Mama Corleone's funeral with Rocco Lampone.

Rocco Sandra Mama's funeral

Rocco, Sandra and Michael Corleone at Mama Corleone's funeral

Behind the scenesEdit

In drafts for The Godfather Part II Sandra is described having an affair with Tom Hagen. This was dropped from the final film and in The Godfather Returns she is in a semi-relationship with Stan Jablonsky.

Notes and referencesEdit

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